SSP508 Wire Treasures by Gloria - Rhodonite Pendant - SSP508

Wire Treasures by Gloria

Rhodonite Pendant

Unusual patterns for Rhodonite in this small freeform-cut cabochon, very much like a roaring red river! The Sterling Silver wrap emphasizes the patterns in the stone, and the crisscross waterfall topper looks like it's going with the flow. Very nice!

My intent is to show off nature's magnificence, not camouflage it with too much wire. This would make a unique one-of-a-kind gift. It will arrive in a silver box ready for giving to that special someone, even if the special someone is you!

The pendant is 1-3/4 inches high and 3/4 inches wide.  Click on any of the images to see the pendant super-sized...

I hope you like it!

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Gloria Adams

Rhodonite Pendant



Click on any image to see this item super-sized.
Rhodonite Pendant

If you have questions about this piece, please and I'll respond as quickly as I can!

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